Ruben A. Gonzalez
Ph.D. Candidate, Radboud University [GPG key]
Security Researcher, Neodyme AG [GPG key]


  • Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • Post-Quantum Protocols
  • Efficient Crypto Implementation
  • Vulnerability Research & Hacking


Academic Publications
KEMTLS vs. Post-quantum TLS: Performance on Embedded Systems, 2022, SPACE 2022
R Gonzalez , T Wiggers
Verifying Post-Quantum Signatures in 8 kB of RAM, 2021, PQCrypto 2021
R Gonzalez , A Hülsing , M Kannwischer , J Krämer , T Lange , M Stöttinger , E Waitz , T Wiggers , Bo-Yin Yan

Security Research

Advisories, Popular Science and Non-Academic Publications
Croc Full Plaintext Recovery - CVE-2021-31603, 2021, MITRE/RedRocket Blog
Ruben Gonzalez , Aaron Kaiser
Kyber - How does it work? The Inner Workings of the Post-Quantum KEM, 2021, Cryptopedia Blog
Ruben Gonzalez
Reversing and Hacking Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, 2021, Microsoft/RedRocket Blog
Ruben Gonzalez , F. Stotz
TinyDTLS Full Key Recovery - CVE-2021-34430, 2021, NIST/Eclipse
Ruben Gonzalez
BigBlueButton Local File Inclusion/Privilege Escalation - CVE-2020-12112, 2020, BigBlueButton/RedRocket Blog
L. Schauer , Ruben Gonzalez

Academic Work

Courses, Seminars and other Academic Work
  • Cry.College: Online Lecture on Modern Cryptography , H-BRS, Start 2021.
  • WebSecSeminar: Research Seminar on Web Security , H-BRS, Start 2021.
  • HookFTW: A Windows Hooking Library , Master Project Supervision, H-BRS, 2021.
  • Syntax Aware Fuzzing For Indentifying Parser Differentials , Bachelor Thesis Supervision, H-BRS, 2020.
  • Reviewer , Paper on Improving Schindler Style Error Correction, CARDIS, 2019
  • Offensive Security: Online Lecture on Hacking Techniques , H-BRS, Start 2019.
  • Tutor for Lecture Operating Systems , HTWG Konstanz 2016.


Presentations Held


Involved Projects
Chairman - RedRocket Hacking Club
Co-Organizer - CyberSecurityRumble Germany Hacking Competition
Full Member - Nachwuchsförderung IT-Sicherheit e.V.
Hackfest - Problem Based Learning Platform for Interactive Course Work
Edu25519 - Curve25519 Implementation Optimized For Readability
Cry.College-Lib - Python Library implementing many crypto primitives.
eccfun - Python Library For Interactively Exploring Elliptic Curves
IKEFOO - Test suite for IKE/IPSec implementations


Selection Of Interviews And Press Coverage

CTF Tasks

Hacking Challenges Authored
BfLol, 2020, CyberSecurityRumble
Binary Exploitation, Brainfuck Interpreter PWNing, 300/500
Blow, 2020, CyberSecurityRumble
Crypto, Inavlid Curve Attack On Faulty JWT Usage, 500/500
CyberWall, 2020, CyberSecurityRumble
Web, Code Injection, 100/500
DLog, 2020, CyberSecurityRumble
Crypto, Invalid Point Submission Attack, 200/500
DTls, 2020, CyberSecurityRumble
Crypto, Exploit Faulty DTLS Implementation, 400/500
EzDSA, 2020, CyberSecurityRumble
Crypto, EcDSA Nonce Reuse Attack, 200/500
Secure Secret Sharing, 2020, CyberSecurityRumble
Web, NoSQL Injection Attack, 300/500
CityRSA, 2018, P.W.N. University CTF
Crypto, Exploit Faulty RSA-CRT Implementation, 300/500
Converter, 2018, P.W.N. University CTF
Crypto, Exploit CBC Padding Oracle, 200/500
H!pster Startup, 2018, P.W.N. University CTF
Web, ArangoDB Injection Attack, 300/500
Whistle, 2018, P.W.N. University CTF
Crypto, Exploit Invalid Padding via Coppersmith Attack, 300/500